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kilgore trout in richmond


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Could you love someone completely?
And yes, by ‘someone’, I mean me
Spoiled sick like milk you let sit too long
It’s a simple question
As I lie awake, waiting for you to lay beside me

I can almost hear the sad waltzes of Pietro Crespi

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Hightide Hotel - Porch Luck

And I don’t want you to answer my next call
It would just upset you 

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Troubled heart folded, and doubled right over.  

classic. I will always love this song. it will always move me.

Land of Talk - Troubled

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Cap’n Jazz - Little league 

hey coffee eyes, you got me coughin’ up my cookie heart. making promises to myself. promises like seeds of everything i could be. hey, Ringwald haze. we’re using bruises too loosely in a haste to lose me. and i’ve given all i could give. we live in quick flips, slips, tips, and taps to snap us outta these statue traps. and i’ve taken all i could take. hey ring walled haze. we’re using judo like bruce lee in a haste to bruise me. and i’ve given all i could give, i’ve taken all i could take. i’ve pushed all that i could push, and pulled all that i could pull. thin kids get a skinny neck hex, heads hang heavy. and kitty cat, i’m feeling heavy. museum mouth, museum mouth, my how you’ve misused me.

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AUGUST 26TH - listen to a level plane records band

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Algernon Cadwallader
Ilford 3200
Mamiya m645


Algernon Cadwallader

Ilford 3200

Mamiya m645

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Jesus was a fisherman,
fishing men from the devil hands,
so the devil was made red to live a damned life.
And the red in your face is touchable to the blues and the Muscles in a memory.

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