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Age Sixteen - Why Relive A Closed Chapter?

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The Only Ghost in Town

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Drive Like Jehu - Here Come the Rome Plows

Yank Crime (1994)

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I Hate Myself // To A Husband At War

"Things are here, and you’re over there
and in between: land, sea, everything
I hope you’re warm, and I hope you think of me,
and the way things used to be.
Yesterday, a telegram said that you had died,
but I knew, but I know that it was a lie.
I tried to laugh but went back to my room and cried.
I mean our room. I went back to our room and cried.
Retreat, and come back home.

Orchid performing in a college dorm circa 1998

Orchid performing in a college dorm circa 1998


Planes Mistaken For Stars - End Me In Richmond 

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Funeral Diner - I Was The Sword

"These scars that never heal and the clarity that allows you to feel."

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And between 19, 19 and 40, 

For the tea it will have changed me. 

And turning from the invading light on my - 

My naked room, my naked room. 

Our coffee stains and dusty coughing.

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maps // yeah yeah yeahs

wait, they don’t love you like i love you

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It’s you and me nobody else allowed


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The Saddest Landscape - With You I Could Never Be Alone

And I watch from a distance you move unlike anything I have ever seen,
I’d like to fall asleep calmly next to you safe in your care to guide me home.
But most nights I am filled with superstition and fear
Kiss your hair and knock on wood.

And it never 
Feels like enough, 
No matter how far we go 
It never feels like enough.

I know you are not right 
But you are perfect for me. 

Everything is fine.
Everything is falling apart.
Everything is fine.
Everything is falling apart.

I cut myself at thoughts of losing you, 
Shake myself awake at dreams of dying alone, 
I worry about the slightest discomfort,
I worry about anything could take me from you. 

But we are the dreamers 
We are the dreamers 
The ones who despite the odds shot for the stars 
And I will hold on to everything we have built 
Because you are the reason 
That I know I will make it through the night
You are the reason 
That I know I will make it through,
I will make it through

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Your messed-up life still thrills me.
Alison, I’m lost.
Alison, I’ll drink your wine.
I wear your clothes, when we’re both high.
Alison, I said we’re sinking.
But you laugh and tell me it’s just fine.
I guess she’s out there somewhere.

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